The services you need will depend on your particular medical circumstances. You may contact us to determine if medical advocate assistance would be worthwhile and, if so, what services you wish to have. The following is a list of available services:

  • Help coordinating the care of multiple physicians and other health care providers.
  • Help in obtaining expert medical care for diagnosis or treatment.
  • Help in obtaining a second opinion regarding diagnosis or treatment.
  • Help with information from medical literature about best practices and alternatives for diagnosing or treating a problem.
  • Review of medical records and preparation of a case summary.
  • Assistance in preparing specific questions to ask a treating physician.
  • Communication with treating physicians to clarify ongoing concerns.
  • Help in making a decision about treatment.
  • Help with information regarding clinical trials.
  • Help with information about drugs and potential adverse reactions.
  • Help with information regarding any applicable complementary and alternative medicine options with proven effectiveness.
  • Help with information about reputable patient support organizations.
  • Help in obtaining appropriate pain management care.
  • If you have cancer, please also see Cancer Care Services.


Services are limited to medical advocate help and do not include medical treatment.