“I found your help to be invaluable because few practicing doctors have the time or resources to dig up the information you can and do—and I think you are a lovely human being. Everybody I’ve recommended you to has been enthusiastic.”


“With all that’s been happening these past few weeks, please know how appreciative I am of your time, energy and efforts in contacting doctors, researching and making me aware of clinical trials, and helping me with my relationship with my doctor. It is comforting to know you are looking out for me and that I can turn to you in such difficult times.”


“The biopsy was easy and essentially painless. Thanks VERY much for making this happen!”


“As I sit here with [my daughter in the doctor’s office], I am reminded that we wouldn't be here without you and your help.  I can't say enough good things about [the doctor] and feel so incredibly grateful that she is under his care. Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting us through his door.”


“Thank you for your great work! You’re a marvel.”


“You’ve been by my side since day one of this journey — which made sharing good news with you today especially gratifying. Thank you for being there for me!”


“We will be forever grateful to you for getting us to this point.”


“Not just worthwhile—invaluable. Thanks!”


“You have truly left no stone unturned. I’m grateful to have you as my advocate! It makes taking on this next challenge that much easier.”


“Thanks very much. As ever, your answers are incisive, thorough and compassionate all at once.”


“We thought everything would be fine when [our father] got out of the hospital. But then nothing went right. You saved the day by straightening out the doctors and nurses at the “skilled” (not) nursing facility. Thanks to you, [our father] is alive and well!”